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The first time my dad saw me, he said I looked like a wrinkled old Indian getting ready to go on the warpath. Not a great beginning although I grew up to be, most assuredly, Daddy’s girl, yet molded and guided by my mom.

We started out as mother and daughter and ended up best friends. My mom was the most beautiful, intelligent, funny lady I have ever known. Of course, along the way to my maturity, we locked horns many times, but she usually took it all in stride, telling me that one day I would understand, and I have come close. When asked if I have met my life’s expectations I would have to say no. I will never measure up to her goodness, although she thought I was perfect. It was from her that I first knew the magic of a book.

I married young, had four sons in four years, and started University. Finished that, and then while wearing the hat of a stay-at-home mom at my all-male funny farm, I completed my postgraduate work. When the time came to cut the apron strings, I enter the corporate world. I spent several decades as CEO in the field of Medical Administration, and after retiring, took up the Law. I dealt primarily with Child Protective Services and Civil Rights and then joined the County Justice Court, served on the bench, and then retired, again.

From an early age, reading has been my one constant, although I could not read, not actually. So I listened. It was not until middle school that I realized I was not stupid, just suffered from dyslexia but I kept trying because partnered with my desire to read was my passion for writing, which started as my unbridled imagination took flight. Simple tales spun from the depth of my spirit when I first learned to talk and told to all who would listen. Then I found a pencil and paper and learned to write, well, almost. No one could decipher what I scribbled, but I didn’t care; I just continued to dream and to write.

I am part Cherokee, part Seneca; a nomad, and I seek the elusive shadow wind that calls my soul and carries me deep within the mystery of life. I have lived by the sea, high in the pine forest where I longed to soar with eagles; in a valley near the river’s edge next to God’s creatures. Now I live in the delicate land of the southwestern desert with my three small dogs who remind me each day how blessed we are.
I welcome you to join me and my imagination on my Journey to Another Place.

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